Breast Spray (BUY 1 GET 1 CAPSULES FREE)


Our Pueraria Mirifica Breast Spray has a high level of Pueraria Mirifica extract—the strongest of its kind, in fact. It’s very potent that in just a week or two, you will begin to notice that your breasts have become firmer and larger.

Product Description


Our Pueraria Mirifica Breast Spray targets the breast tissues directly. Because it’s 100% natural, it works for all types of skin and is suitable for anyone. Studies have shown that users often start to notice some visible effects in as fast as 7 days. Our spray contains phytoestrogens, which are responsible for the following outcomes:

  • Firmer and larger breasts.
  • Younger-looking skin.
  • Increased collagen production.
  • Better blood circulation.

How It Works

When you apply the spray onto your breasts, the Pueraria Mirifica it contains will start to penetrate the dermal layers of your skin in the breast area. Because Pueraria Mirifica has high amounts of phytoestrogen, it will work well with the body’s system and perform all the functions of oestrogen, it’s twin hormone.

The female body produces oestrogen, which is responsible for a lot of important functions. However, as women grow older, their oestrogen supply goes down and it gets even worse when women are in their post-menopausal phase. When this happens, visible signs of aging starts to manifest, including sagging breasts, greying hair and wrinkly skin.

But with the use of our Pueraria Mirifica Breast Spray, your body will be introduced to phytoestrogens in high levels. This in turn promotes cellular growth in the breast tissues. With cellular growth, your breasts will begin to appear fuller and increase in size.

The great thing about our Pueraria Mirifica Breast Spray is that because it is a spray, it can target the breast area specifically. In addition to the increased cell production in the breasts, it also stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for making the skin firmer and younger-looking.

Finally, direct application of phytoestrogens to the tissues in the breasts can increase the number of oestrogen receptors, which balances the oestrogen supply in the breast area. What this means is that the effects of the spray will be longer-lasting and won’t stop when you are no longer using the spray.


We’re proud to say that our Pueraria Mirifica Breast Spray  is 100% pure and all natural. It contains only one ingredient and that is pure Pueraria Mirifica extract.


We recommend that you use this spray 3 to 4x per week. Make sure to apply the spray evenly in the breast area, and avoid spraying it on the nipples. Massage for a few minutes until the liquid is completely absorbed.


WARNING: if you are under the age of 18, pregnant, a nursing mother, or if you have been diagnosed with a tumour in an ‘oestrogen organ’ such as the ovaries, uterus, and/or breasts – you should refrain from taking our capsules.


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